Calendar YG Sept. and Oct. 2018

Youth Web Page Is Major Source of Youth News

Both to cut costs on paper mailings, but also to communicate more easily in the way most youth connect, the Youth Ministry Program will place more emphasis on the church web page to announce Youth Group activities and deadlines for mission work trips. Youth and Parents are encouraged to check the Youth Group web page frequently for the latest in youth activities.

We are also utilizing youth and parent e-mails through a group list as well. Please make sure the Church Office has you current e-mail, phone and cell phone numbers. Remember to update the church list if you change your e-mail!

The Youth Bulletin Board in Parish Hall is another good source of information on youth activities. Forms and the youth schedule are in the youth boxes on the wall.

Upcoming Youth Activities…

Check the Youth Bulletin Board for up-to-the-minute sign-up sheets and details on Youth Group activities. Often, following worship, there is a youth table for discussion and sign-up for future events. Drop by…